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3M 1100 Anti Noise Earbuds

RM 2.00

3M 1110 Purpose:  Improve sleep, concentrate, protect hearing and so on. Is your home, dormitory, self-study classrooms, travel boat plane travel, factories, construction sites, downtown areas from noise interference is a good helper, is your healthy new life good partner.  

3M 1110 effect:  Noise reduction (NRR) 29 dB, bullet-type contour design, smooth surface, the anti-fouling treatment, wearing health, safety, soft and comfortable, sound insulation is good.  

Instructions for use: 

  1. Remove the earplugs, with the index finger and thumb to rub it fine.
  2. The other hand will be stuffed into the ears up to the outside (this is very critical) and keep, and then rub the thin ear head toward the ear, stuffed into them;  
  3. Hand hold earplugs until the earplugs in the ears of the full expansion of stereotypes (about to last about thirty seconds).   


  1. The earbuds to restore elastic time is very fast, so to determine the earplugs were inserted into the ear before being rub fine, or can not achieve the best results
  2. Remember to insert into the ears before the ears are pulled up, earplugs to expand after the best effect
  3. Please keep your hands clean when working 
  4. Remove the slight, slow, rotating pull out, do not force too much.