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Dogyu Kariwaku Claw Hammer with Magnet

RM 165.00

Dogyu Tubular Steel Handle Kariwaku Hammer come with magnet can made work efficiency increase . All round tools can be used for any purpose.

Dogyu Kariwaku Claw Hammer with Magnet Feature:

  • Type: Small, Milled with Magnetic Holder
  • Total Length (TL): 390mm
  • Head Length (HL): 125mm
  • Face Size (FS): 25mm
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Professional quality panel hammer with tubular steel handle and non-slip rubber grip
  • Hardened and tempered hammer head can use for side hitting

Note: Nail shorter than 35mm are not applicable for magnets since they are exclusively designed for mold form work. Temporary nail hold of magnet type function will expand usages.