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Flinken Tile Adhesive

RM 36.00

FLINKEN Tile Adhesive is high bonding ready to use tile adhesive with all general purpose tiling. FLINKEN Tile Adhesive is a premixed of high strength ordinary portland cement (OPC), well graded silica sand, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and modified polymer. The product is applicable for interior and exterior installation of ceramic tiles, mosaics, marbles and natural stones.

FLINKEN Tile Adhesive Advantage:

  1. Simple to use, just mix with water.
  2. High bonding strength.
  3. Hardens without appreciable shrinkage attaining a good resistance.
  4. Weather resistance and high durability.

FLINKEN Product Feature:

  • Ready-to-mix – Efficient and less time in preparing construction material
  • Better quality and performance – Homogeneous mixing
  • Less storage space – All in one product and 40kg per bag
  • Wider-end application – E.g., Skimcoat, screeding, tiles adhesive and etc.)
  • Flexibility to achieve desired properties – Add water only.

FLINKEN Tile Adhesive mixing guide:

  1. Mix one bag (40kg) of FLINKEN Tile Adhesive with approximately 11-11.5 L of clean water.
  2. Mix continuously 3-5 minutes until a uniform paste is achieved and ensure the mix is from lumps.
  3. Placing should be completed within 30 minutes after start mixing.