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Flinken Tile Fix

RM 33.00

FLINKEN Tile Fix is polymer modified cement based adhesive for floor and wall tiling work. It is suitable for both internal and external wall applications over concrete, brickwork and rendered surfaces.

FLINKEN Tile Adhesive Advantage:

  1. Better bonding than normal cement, OPC.
  2. Consistent quality.
  3. Pre-packed for convenience in handling, mixing and application.
  4. Economy.

FLINKEN Product Feature:

  • Ready-to-mix – Efficient and less time in preparing construction material
  • Better quality and performance – Homogeneous mixing
  • Less storage space – All in one product and 40kg per bag
  • Wider-end application – E.g., Skimcoat, screeding, tiles adhesive and etc.)
  • Flexibility to achieve desired properties – Add water only.