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MP10 Paint Remover 400ml.png

MP10 Paint Remover 400ml

RM 14.00

MP10 Paint Remover Spray type 400ml

Can be used to remove self drying alkyd resin based coating, amino resin based coating, nitro resin based coating, acrylic based coating, and some epoxy based coating and most of the low temperature cured coating. It is mainly used to remove the coating for the part and surfaces of automotive motor machine equipment household item tools.

How to use:

  1. shake well before spray. 
  2. Spray on the coating surface to remove the coating. 
  3. Wash the surface by water or spray with pressure air after 3 minutes to remove the coating. 
  4. Paint remover may have some corrosion effect to plastic and fiber glass, always test spray on small area when used on unknown surfaces.