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MSA Replacement for Super V-Gard Helmets

RM 39.00

Ensuring your workforce wears their safety helmets can be a real headache. MSA, the leading provider of protective helmets, has the perfect remedy: the Fas-Trac® III Suspension.

  • No more pressure headaches.
  • No more pulled hair.
  • No more falling off.
  • No more sacrificing worker comfort for safety.

Market-leading MSA helmets now have a comfort-leading suspension!

Product Feature:

  1. Designed with input from hundreds of customers
  2. For use with MSA Helmets, as specified
  3. Fas-Trac® III ratchet suspension (4-point and 6-point, as noted)
  4. Flush rear lug attachments eliminate pressure points
  5. Three levels of nape strap adjustment for customized fit
  6. Graspable ratchet with ultra-smooth rotation and steadfast hold
  7. The ratchet comfort pad contours to the back of the head to improve airflow and prevent hair-pulling

Markets: Construction, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities

Applications: Confined Space, Welding.