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Plato 170 Diagonal Cutting Pliers

RM 12.00
The Plato 170 Diagonal Cutting Pliers is a Cutter has a thin profile designed for those hard-to-reach areas in electronic assembly. Assemblers love the effortless shearing action, comfort, light weight and safety for electronics lead and wire cutting.

The Plato 170 Diagonal Cutting Pliers  use the shear cutting method, which requires 50% less operator effort and extends cutting life because they shear rather than pinch. Handles are cushioned for day long comfort and automatically spring back to their original position after each use.

Plato 170 Diagonal Cutting Pliers Product Feature: 

Diagonal Cutting Pliers is made of durable carbon steel with a hardness of 57 degrees, resistance to rust and corrosion, sharp and compact.  

Electric wire cutter with ergonomically designed plastics handles for anti-slip and effortless gripping, provides comfort and control, also providing corrosion protection.  

Wire flush cutter weight only 50 grams, lightweight and portable, small enough to fit in your pocket, also with automatically bounces spring action reduces hand fatigue for easy one-handed operation.  

20-Degree Angle oblique mouth flat mouth design, knife edge bite neat and strict, are enough to cut the component precisely , easily cut all kinds of soft wire below 1.6MM and iron wire under 0.8MM.  

VERSATILE USE: This wire cutter is suitable for cutting wires, electronic feet, trimming plastic parts, cutting small wires and so on. Used in the electronics industry for repairs, jewelry processing, model